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I am a web developer with about 9 years of work experience with top MNCs. I have been involved in every phase of the software development lifecycle throughout my journey as a developer. I have strong knowledge in asp.net, sharepount 2010/2013, Javascript, CSS and HTML. I am confident and hard working and always in the process of evolving myself technically

Our Processes


Planning the website involves creating a wireframe and sitemap. This is an important step because it is kind of like the skeleton of your site.The sitemap allows the developer to get an outline of what the site will look like, what pages there will be and how they will interact with each other. This not only helps with planning but is also beneficial to the user experience. Once the sitemap is completed, the other part of this step is to create a wireframe or mock-up.


This is the step where you get to be creative with pictures, videos and what kinds of things the customer will notice when they come to your site.The timing depends on experience, time spent on the project, and how thorough the developer is. During this step, it is especially important to keep referring back to the target audience you wish to focus on.


Now you are ready to actually begin creating the website itself. The coding typically begins with the homepage and gradually branches out to the other pages included in the site. This would be where the sitemap is followed to ensure everything is coded correctly. It is also important to set up frameworks and CMS to make sure that everything will fit onto the server during the installation process. Once the website is laid out according to the sitemap, it should be tested before moving any further. If all works well, then the rest of the content should be added, and formatting should be completed.